Illiteracy in Kenya let alone in our operational area is still low and many children are not able to access education.......

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Better health is central to human happiness and well-being it also makes an important contribution to.......

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Food security exists when people can obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally......

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Culture is an integral part of a community and lays the basis on which children are brought up........

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Community Care

Initiating projects that are key to the survival of the community

Feeding the community

We pursue improvement of the capacity and income of the vulnerable.

Success Stories


The Ormoti ECD Center was started under a church initiative since the children were forced to walk for a long distance to the nearest school which is three kilometers from the area.


This is Josephine Muthiani, a mother of nine and member of the Tei Self Help Group. When we met during a households assessment, her house was not in a good condition let alone the fact that it was the same house that sheltered her children and


Nemasi Primary School started in a mud walled shanty church that had been abandoned by the community in the middle of the forest in 2014 and had 19 children. They then had only one untrained teacher.


Naisanti, now twenty three, comes from a polygamous family where she is the tenth born in a family of fifteen. As she narrates us the story, she says she do not even know where to begin since she has been through so much to get to where she is now.