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Covid-19 Response


About Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic being the greatest global health crisis of our lifetime has continued to cause devastating effects around the world where children are the most affected by its effects. With already weakened health systems and populations facing multiple health and livelihood threats the effects of the Novel Corona Virus and bound to be experienced at greater magnitude.
Families that are dependent on low paid, unstable casual labor have due to the social distancing measures forced to isolate and that is with nothing to fall back on. A break in income for already poor households translates to missing meals and a lack of other essential needs.

Our Covid-19 Response

The lives of children are being torn apart daily by the continued effects of the Novel Corona Virus and it is for this reason that Nalala C.I.I is on the frontline to implement an emergency response plan that aims at preventing the spread and reducing the effects caused by the virus to vulnerable children and their families by;

  • Scaling up preventive measures that will limit the spread of the virus by raising awareness and promoting hygiene and hand washing awareness and provision of water for hand washing in public places.
  • Strengthening the health system and health care workers
  • Provide support for needy families to survive the shock by providing food and other essentials like sanitary towels to the girls

Covid-19 Activities - Videos

Nalala Community - Covid-19 Initiative 1

Nalala Community - Covid-19 Initiative 2

Nalala Community - Covid-19 Initiative 3

Covid-19 Activities - Pictures

Hand Washing - Nalala C.I.I staff demonstratin the proper hand washing procedure to children for prevention against Covid-19.

Community Sensitization - One of Nalala staff sensitizing the community on Covid-19 and best practices for prevention against contracting and curbing the spread of Covid-19

Food Donation - Food donations to vulnerable households at the Ilkelunyeti Village to support vulnerable households during Covid-19.

Hand Washing - Nalala team setting up a hand washing station at the Masimba Health Center.

Food Donation - Ongoing food distribution at Ilchalalai village to support vulnerable households during Covid-19 period.

Hand Washing - Community Health Volunteer demonstrating hand washing at Emali for Covid-19 prevention.

Hand Washing - Sensitizing the community members on proper hand washing procedure at Emali Town.

Provision of dignity kits for girls - Girls receiving dignity kits as part of the essential commodities during their stay at home..

Food Donation - Community members at Ilchalai village receiving food donated by Nalala C.I.I.

Hand washing - Sensitizing children on the importance of hand washing.

Donation of Face Masks - Community members at Ilchalai village after receiving face masks