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Ongaki's Story

Mr. Ongaki, a chicken farmer at Emali, is one of the many beneficiaries that have been supported by Nalala C.I.I through the chicken project. In 2017, he started small with rearing 100 layers which did not produce enough since he lacked the expertise required in chicken rearing. In 2019, he sought help from Nalala C.I.I to support his business which had run him bankrupt at the time. With the support from Nalala C.I.I, Mr. Ongaki has over time acquired knowledge that has enabled him to grow his chicken rearing business.

With support both financial and education wise, Mr. Ongaki turned to broiler chicken rearing, a business that has seen him grow financially. In 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, Ongaki managed to procure over 5,700 chickens. The business has enabled him to acquire a piece of land at Emali where he has constructed his own chicken house as compared to the beginning when he was hiring a house to rear his chicken. His plans are to become the number one supplier of white meat in Emali and the entire County.