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Naisanti's Story

Naisanti, now twenty three, comes from a polygamous family where she is the tenth born in a family of fifteen. As she narrates us the story, she says she do not even know where to begin since she has been through so much to get to where she is now. Naisanti was brought to Nalala through the help of her step-mother who knew the meaning of education despite not having many educated girls in her village. After completing her primary education, Naisanti joined high school but did not go far since she got pregnant. When she went back home, her parents married her off. In the Maasai culture, if a girl gets pregnant, she is married off to prevent the family from shame. Consequently, her bride pride was fully paid in readiness for immediate marriage. Word reached Nalala Community and Naisanti was taken to Kiongwani High School where she continued with her studies and completed her high school education where she scored a grade B- out of a possible A. Her parents were bitter for the bride price they had taken and therefore did not want anything to do with Naisanti. Though her mother promised to take care of her baby, she said that that was all she was willing to do. After high school, Nalala enrolled her to the Kenya Medical Training College where she graduated with a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. She now intends to further her education once she gets a fair job and the most important thing is that she is the pioneer against early marriages since she has set a good example to the girls in her village. I thank Nalala for the support both material and psychological. It is because of Nalala C.I.I that I realized the potential in me and for not giving up on me. I promise to help my family and the whole community so as to continue the good work you started. To the young girls in my village I tell you, through determination, diligence, focus and hard work, you can all make it no matter what. She said this in a recent interview.