N.C.I.I works in the best interest of children.


The Ormoti ECD Center was started under a churchs initiative since the children were forced to walk for a long distance to the nearest school which is three kilometers from the area. Considering their age, parents had to extend the time that their children joined pre-school to around seven or eight years for them to be able to walk to school or accompany their children to and from school every day if they were to attend at an earlier age.

The Pre-school was then started and the church was used a classroom during week days and as a church on Sunday. After the pre-school was started, the children moved to another grade the following year and this caused a need for more learning space, something that led to some children studying under a tree and writing on the ground.

The local leaders then mobilized other community members and with the help of Nalala C.I.I, a classroom was constructed. Now the school together with the church space serves thirty two children and other have left to another school after completing pre-school and grades one and two. Even though the space cannot comfortably accommodate the different cohorts, the classroom has improved the learning condition of the children who used to study under the tree not forgetting the wind and disturbances from both wild and domestic animals.

The area also had a demanding water problem that made women travel for more than five kilometers in search of water but Nalala C.I.I responded by sinking a borehole next to the ECD Center. The women can now enjoy more time to take care of their home chores and engage in other productive activities from the hours they spent in search of water.