N.C.I.I works in the best interest of children


Mr. John Kimani

Chief Executive Officer

John Kimani is one of the founders and Managing Director of Nalala Community Initiatives International. He is in charge of all Programs operations and acts as a Technical Advisor to the Steering Committee/Board. With the many years of experience in his position, he has been resourceful in terms of leading the Organization towards achieving her goals.

Mr. Johana Tonken

Projects Coordinator and Supervisor

Mr. Johana Tonken, also one of the founders of Nalala Community Initiatives International is the Projects Coordinator and Supervisor. With the immense knowledge he has in community work and a mastery of the Maa language and traditions, Johana has been the steering to all community projects.

Ms. Scholastica Mutua

Monitoring, Evaluation & Accountability Officer

Scholastica Mutua joined Nalala C.I.I. in 2016 and is the Monitoring Evaluation Learning and Accountability Officer. She is responsible for the monitoring and ensuring high quality and timely inputs and ensures that the project maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner.Her initial encounter with N.C.I.I was in 2015 as a University student on attachment.

Ms. Jacky Paul


Ms. Anne Njoroge

Clinical Officer

Anne recently joined the Nalala C.I.I fraternity having completed her Diploma in Clinical Medicine. Even though she is new to the filed, she has proved to be hard working and diligent in undertaking her duties at the Nalala Community Clinic.

Ms. Lucy Wabuti

Laboratory Technologist

Lucy Wabuti is the Nalala Community Clinic Laboratory Technologist; she performs mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical laboratories. Lucy joined Nalala Community in 2015 and worked with us for two years then left for school. She came back and is now working at the Nalala Community Clinic as the Lab Technologist and is now Head of the Nalala Community Clinic Department.

Ms. Assumpta Nduku

Grounds Person

Assumpta Nduku is in charge of hygiene and sanitation at the Nalala Community Clinic. Having been a member of staff in the Organization at Nalala C.I.I, her hardworking character has been of importance to the Organization.

Ms. Naom Ndinda

H/R Personnel

Naom is the Administrative Assistant. She ensures effective functioning of the financial operations and systems in support of the programme. She is also responsible for keeping both physical and electronic records and giving necessary information to relevant persons and Departments for purposes of smooth coordination of activities in the Organization.

Mr. Alvin Muendo


Alvin Mwendo is a driver with several years experience in off road driving. He has been instrumental in Clinical Outreach Missions where we always need to drive far and wide and in extremely rough terrain.

Ms. Jackline Leipa

Logistics Officer:

Jackline Leipa is one of the beneficiaries in the Maasai Community in one of our empowerment programs. She coordinates vehicles movement and besides,takes charge of Driving School section, an Income Generating Project under N.C.I.I which also sponsors needy students who desire driving skills. She is a polished and certified driving training Instructor under the National Transport and Safety Authority.

Ms. Florence Marempe

Stores and Records Keeper

Florence is in charge of the stores and records keeping, she also serves as a receptionist at the Nalala Community Clinic.

Ms. Martha Kamaku

Social Worker

Martha Kamaku is an experienced Social Worker with a vast experience and knowledge of our operational area especially Makueni County. Besides, she is in charge of IT Department which does various things ranging from training computer lessons within our IGA to assisting new staff with difficulties in their computer skills.